As President of the Towing and Recovery Association of  Missouri I would like to welcome you to our association.

 T.R.A.M. was established in 1996 with its mission  focused on the towing and recovery industry.   Our board  of directors and outside consultant work to achieve  legislation that is beneficial to all of us, prevent  legislation that is detremental and create a positive  image  with the public and government bodies.The above  mentioned efforts are on-going.  

 I encourage you to join our organization that truely cares  about you, your business and the towing and recovery  industry.  Our website features the latest updates on  proposed legislation and offers a through explanation of  new and old laws that affect our industry.

 ​Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers.  The real power is by speaking with one voice.  All of us  want the same things for our businesses and we share  the same goals.

 Our organization projects a professional and positive  image of our industry and by doing this we have gained  the respect from the general public, law enforcement and  our elected officials that we so deserve.

 Receive the latest updates on proposed legislation,  detailed review of proposed new laws and a through  understanding of existing laws that effect our industry.


 By joining T.R.A.M. your voice will be heard and you will  become one of the towing and recovery industry's policy  makers.

​ Questions??? Call John Garagnani at 314-521-5270 or  Mike Hoard at 314-544-4646.




 John Garagnani

 Airport Towing

 5187 North Hanley

 Berkley, MO. 63134

 PHONE: 314-521-5270

 FAX:       314-521-0914

 Vice President

 Kevin Keff

 K & K Car Repair, Inc.

 1740 Jeffco Blvd.

 Arnold, MO. 63010

 PHONE: 636-296-5330

 FAX:       636-296-5332



 Mike Hoard

 Mike's Towing & Automotive  Specialities, Inc.

 7910 Alabama

 St. Louis MO. 63111

 PHONE: 314-544-4646

 FAX:       314-631-7776


 Kary Buckley

 K. Buckley Towing &  Recovery,  Inc.

 P.O. Box 918

 Park Hills, MO. 63601

 PHONE: 573-431-2117

 FAX:       573-431-2175